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ARAP 2021


We are aiming to build bridges through this four pronged approach. We want to reduce discriminatory practices and provide evidence based approach to address the troubling rate of youth crimes in our society. The Scope Of Anti-Racism Action Plan 2021 is divided into four parts which are as follow:

  • Youth Justice Program

  • Business Course

  • Interfaith Events

  • Online Monthly Video Series

In consultation with the community partners including York Regional Police, Local Businesses, Schools, Youth and Interfaith Leaders, ARAP team will develop and execute this project. 


Youth Justice Intervention

Youth Justice Intervention Program is based on evidence- based literature, the program will include a combination of life skills training/education, family training (including assistance with transitions), employment training and opportunities, mentorship with older Muslim youth in Markham, and sports/recreational activities.  Youth will be encouraged to participate with the help of local high schools, so that they can take advantage of the program.

Business Program

Business course will be an important part of this project where various workshops will be organized and local businesses will be encouraged to participate in those workshops. The below topics will be covered in the workshops. 


  • Overview of Islamophobia and discrimination in the workplace in Canada

  • Addressing discriminatory practices (including implicit bias) in hiring, leadership training and workplace skills training

  • Ensuring an equitable and safe environment for all employees regardless of faith. 


The business course for local businesses will help to increase awareness about Anti-Racism and Islamophobia at the workplace and it will help to reduce discrimination practices in terms of interviewing, hiring, training and employee promotions.


Interfaith Dialogue

There will be 10 Interfaith events in collaboration with the  faith leaders and the York Regional Police, and we will be hosting interfaith events at a variety of locations. Each interfaith event will include discussion circles, question/answer sessions, information on how to combat online hate (e.g., on social media), and forums to discuss solutions in Markham and beyond.

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Online Series

There will be an online series where a Muslim member of the society will be featured in a short 10-15 minute-video that showcases their daily life, obstacles faced and what they enjoy doing in the community.  

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