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Building a Foundation of Change in Markham

We all know that diversity & inclusion are cornerstones of Canadian identity which are characteristics that make us proud of being a part of Canadian society. Diversity and openness are woven into the fabric of Canadian culture, and despite its many advantages, we are still facing many challenges in Canada. There are many people and communities who face systemic racism and discrimination in our country. Recent events at home and abroad have also shown that no community is immune to the effects of hateful behaviour. Whether it's racism or discrimination based on Islamophobia, Anti-Asian, Anti-Indigenous, Antisemitic, or Anti-Black, it is clear that we need to do more to combat racism and discrimination in its various forms.

Islamic Society of Markham and Islamic Centre Of Markham are initiating a Anti-Racism Action Plan (ARAP 2021) project with the support of Government of Canada to fight against Racism and provide support to Youth.

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Nadia Hasan

Chief Operating Officer

National Council of Canadian Muslims

Nadia Hasan has a PhD in Political Science from York University. As Chief Operating Officer, Nadia is part of the senior management team and she leads the NCCM’s organizational development, program management, and national operations.


Nadia has a diverse background in teaching, project management and the non-profit sector. Nadia has several years of experience working on policy and programs at Canadian think tanks and NGOs and she has taught university courses in South Asian studies, religion and gender. Her doctoral research focused on Muslim women’s organizations and the practice of Islam in Canada and Pakistan.

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Tony White, CTP, ATC

EZSigma Group

Senior Instructor and Consultant

Speciality - Leadership and Soft Skills

Tony White is a senior trainer and consultant for EZSigma Group. He has been referred to as the “People Skill and Leadership Specialist” and has been successfully partnering with organizations to design and deliver relevant and engaging performance-based training, coaching and team facilitation initiatives since 1992. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Western Ontario, Tony spent close to ten years in the community college system as a Manager and part time faculty member honing his leadership, training and design skills. Tony was also a founding partner of Practical Management of Canada Inc. He is a Certified Sales Trainer, Certified Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator, Adler Trained Coach (ADC) and a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP). It is estimated that he has worked with over 500 private and 300 public sector clients in the past twenty years encompassing over 10,000 participants. He is a true road warrior having spoken all across Canada, the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Russia.

Tony is the author of Make it Happen - A Practical Handbook for Team Leaders, Project Managers and Facilitators to Build, Facilitate and Repair High Performance Teams which is available through Chapters in Canada and numerous online retailers worldwide.

Tony is a Certified Sales Trainer, Certified Personality Dimensions™ Facilitator, Adler Trained Coach (ATC) and holds the Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) designation.

Mohsan Attique.jpg

Mohsan Attique, BSW, MSW

Naseeha Mental Health

Mohsan is a fully registered member with the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). He has earned a diploma in Child and Youth Work from Centennial College, Bachelor’s in Social Work from York University, and a Master’s of Social Work from the University of Windsor. He has completed numerous trainings in the range of psychotherapy modalities. Mohsan is a lifetime learner who values new contributions and developments of best practices in clinical social work.


Mohsan has a broad knowledge base of client-centred, strength-based treatment approaches which he applies in a gentle and warm manner with all clients during sessions. He has over a decade of experience in the mental health field in a variety of settings including schools, residential treatment programs, group homes, foster care, adoption, out-patient clinics, and community based agencies.


Mohsan is passionate about helping angry kids, frustrated parents, and distant couples. He believes that every relationship has the capability of positive development around social, emotional and intelligence skill sets. Along with being a Caring Dads facilitator, Mohsan works as a Clinical Social Worker in child welfare.


Mohsan helps create bridges and address some of the challenges felt by family members around intergenerational struggles faced by racialized and faith-based communities. Culturally aware and religiously sensitive services are provided for Muslim clients and those from marginalized communities. Mohsan has supported Naseeha initiatives since 2018.

Bonnie McIntosh.jpg

Bonnie McIntosh

MBA, MPH, BA Community Health, CHES®

ACE Community Health

My name is Bonnie, and I am passionate about health and wellness. I have an MBA degree from the University of Michigan - Flint, an MPH degree from West Chester University in Pennsylvania, and an Honours BA degree in Community Health from Brock University in Ontario. I am also a Certified Wellness Coach from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and a Certified Health Education Specialist from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc in Pennsylvania. My work focuses on health promotion and research. I work on program development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination. I teach undergraduate and graduate university level health courses, and I have a community health consulting practice.

Anti-Racism Action Plan ​Goals

As outlined in Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy, racialized communities are overrepresented in the justice system, and there is an expressed need for increased funding for community-police engagement. The Strategy also highlights the importance of providing employers with training on anti-racism, the difference between conscious and unconscious bias and intersectionality, along with providing community opportunities for diverse individuals to come together and find common values. 


Through our approach, we aim to not only build bridges of understanding between various faiths in Markham, but also reduce discriminatory business practices and provide evidence-based approaches to address the troubling rates of violence, gang involvement and drug-use by Muslim youth reported by local high schools. Finally, by showcasing ‘regular’ Muslims and providing opportunities for respectful dialogue and conversation, we can clear up misconceptions held by Markham residents and promote interfaith respect. 


As such, we believe this Project is a critical component of advancing our national Anti-Racism Strategy and will be instrumental in fostering strong, respectful relationships in the diverse city of Markham.

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