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Building a Foundation for Change


Youth Justice Intervention 

The Youth Justice Intervention Program is founded on evidence- based literature. The program will include a combination of Life Skills, Education, Family Training (including assistance with transitions), Employment Opportunities, Mentorship with older Muslim youth in Markham, and Sports/Recreational activities. Youth will be encouraged to participate with the help of local high schools in order to take advantage of the program

Business Program

The Business course will be an important part of this project in which four workshops will be organized and local businesses will be encouraged to participate in them. The business course for local businesses will help increase awareness about Anti-Racism and Islamophobia at the workplace. The goal will be to help reduce discrimination practices in interviewing, hiring, training and employee promotions.

Interfaith Events

Ten Interfaith events will be hosted at a variety of locations in collaboration with faith leaders and the York Regional Police. These events will be held virtually in the beginning, due to the pandemic. Each interfaith event will include discussion circles, question/answer sessions, information on how to combat online hate (e.g., on social media), and forums to discuss solutions to these issues.

Online Web Series

An online series will be held where a Muslim member of the society will be featured in a short 10-15 minute-video. The video will showcase their daily life including obstacles faced, hobbies & what they enjoy doing in the community.

No events at the moment


The objective of The Anti-Racism Action Plan 2021 is to reduce barriers for youth, particularly Muslim youth, in Markham, Ontario. It is to enhance positive relationships between youth and the criminal justice system in order to 1. Increase social participation of the community, and 2. Reduce employment barriers due to Islamophobia.

Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy outlines:

  • Radicalized communities are overrepresented in the justice system, and there is an expressed need for increased funding in community-police engagement. 

  • A need for providing employers with training on anti-racism and the difference between conscious & unconscious bias as well as intersectionality.

  • A need for providing community opportunities for diverse individuals to come together and find common values. 


Through our approach, we aim to:

  • Build bridges of understanding between various faiths in Markham

  • Reduce discriminatory business practices and provide evidence-based approaches to address the troubling rates of violence, gang involvement and drug-use by Muslim youth 

  • Provide space for respectful dialogue and conversation to clear up misconceptions and promote interfaith respect


The Anti-Racism Action Program is a government supported program to reduce discrimination and racism from the society. There are many communities who face systemic racism and discrimination in our community, and Muslim community faces discrimination in the form of Islamophobia. The program will increase social participation and reduce employment barriers due to Islamophobia. The program is divided into four modules which are equally important and beneficial for the society, and it includes, Youth Justice Program, Business Program, Interfaith events, Online Monthly video series. I will appreciate if our community will participate and take advantage from it.

Mr. Mujahid Ansari

Founder, Islamic Society Of Markham

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